Will Taylor Swift Release A Surprise Album This Month?

So, this is something that I can get behind. A lot of people seem to think that Taylor Swift is going to release a surprise, digital album on October 23rd. The Washington Post put together a great case on why she will be releasing a surprise album, so check that out.

Let’s put some things out there that could support the fact that Taylor is going to be releasing a surprise album.

Every album that she has released has been put out in October, other than Red, I believe that came out in November rather than October. Other than that though, October has been her month. All of her albums have also been spread out between two years, it has been two years since 1989, so time is up!

Alright, so there is one point for you to think about, now why a digital album? Why not. Taylor Swift is paired up with Apple Music, they are like Beyonce and Tidal, they just go together. o why not use that platform to release a purely digital album, physical album would probably come later as well, which of course people would need to be able to see her hidden messages in her lyrics.  Just a way to sell even more records!

Now according to The Washington Post article the date actually has significance to it. We all know that Taylor loves the number 13, if you add up that date, it equals 13. 1+0+2+3+1+6=13. Boom, mind blown, right? The date is also right around her 10 year anniversary of her first album.

Personally, I hope that she does drop a surprise album. I know that she said she was going to take a whole year off but she had that fake ass Tom Hiddleston relationship and people got sick of her quick this year. Might as well put out a fire album that will be one of the biggest albums of the year and then go on a summer tour.

Let’s be real, she has been the center of some controversy this year. Between Calvin Harris, Kimye, and then the fake relationship I mentioned previously. I have a feeling that she has been working on some great songs.

Now we wait until 10/23/16, I am ready for new music. Let’s go T.Swift!

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