Shania Twain Will Receive Artist of a Lifetime Honor at 2016 CMT Artists of the Year

Shania Twain CMT Artist of a Lifetime 2016Getty Images

This upcoming weekend at CMT’s Artists of the Year ceremony, Shania Twain will be receiving one of the biggest honors, Artist of a Lifetime.

Shania will be the first woman to receive this award but will be joining the ranks of artists like Kenny Rogers and Merle Haggard, respectively. CMT reportedly decided to give Shania this award because of her incredible impact in country music.

Let’s be real though, Shania was one of the first to close the gap with country and mainstream, at least that is how I feel. She was the first country artist that I even knew about because they weren’t usually on TRL. She has sold over 75 million albums sold worldwide and has also won 5 Grammy’s along with other awards.

The 2016 CMT Artists of the Year ceremony will take place at Music City’s Schermerhorn Symphony Center on Oct. 20 at 9PM

Get it girl! Oh and another fun fact, her album Come Over, that was released in 1997 is still the best selling country album of all time.

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