Demi Lovato Announces She’s Taking A 2017 Break

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Wow this day has been quite a whirlwind for Demi Lovato and not in a good way at all. Her ‘Glamour’ Magazine interview was released and she made a remark about Taylor Swift and her squad. Of course the interview had a lot more than just that in it, but people don’t seem to care about her charity work or anything like that, which is a damn shame.

Welp, after a few hours of people sending her an insane amount of hate on Twitter, Demi announced that she wants to take a break in 2017, a break from social media, singing, and everything to do with the entertainment world.

As much as I would hate to see Demi leave for a year, maybe it would be for the best. Lately she has gotten such negative press, and she has been going straight for at least four years now. Even Demi admitted to not loving her new album.

Take a step back, get inspired again, some back and slay.

So now we are down Selena and Demi for 2017.

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