Kim Kardashian Robbed At Gunpoint In Paris

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TMZ has reported that yesterday, Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint and robbed in her Paris hotel room. To be honest, when I read it I figured it was all a PR stunt because let’s be real, this family is alive simply to be in the spotlight for anything. This one seems pretty legit though.

According to TMZ, five masked men threatened the hotel staff and entered Kim’s room, putting duct tape over her mouth and stealing a $4.5 million along with a jewelry box. No word what was in that specific box though.

Reports say that Kim was eventually able to break free from the restraints that she was put in and call for help. Kim wasn’t harmed but she is very shaken from the whole event.

Now listen, if all of this turns out to be the real deal, and by real deal I mean there were no cameras, no nothing, then I feel bad for Kim. Yes, she is truly the most materialistic person on the planet, but that shit is scary. Yes, she flashes that she has insane money, and snapchats her entire life, but still, scary.

How bad is it that I am still thinking some of this is for publicity. At least no one was hurt but I don’t know, anything to keep your name in the paper.

Considering all of the security she does have, it all just seems very suspicious. Kind of like Ryan Lochte suspicious.

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