The Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way” Had An Alternative Version Called “No Goodbye”

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Listen I am probably one of the biggest Backstreet Boy fans that you’ll ever meet, I mean that too. I can tell you a ton of facts about BSB but this is something that is totally weird. Obviously “I Want It That Way” makes no sense what so ever. Everyone knows that, hell even the boys know it! They opened up to Huffington Post about it, go read that if you want to, but I want to talk to talk about the two different versions that are just coming to life!

After nearly 20 years (yikes) BSB decided to unearth a song called “No Goodbyes” which was almost released instead of “I Want It That Way”.\

Check out both songs below and compare the two!

Obviously “No Goodbyes” makes way more sense but I am glad they stuck with “I Want It That Way”.

Also, I am so happy that BSB is all over the place right now. The best boy band of all time for a reason!

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