Niall Horan May Be Releasing Solo Song ‘This Town’ Tonight!

Never in a million years did I think that Niall Horan would be the first one out of the remaining four left in One Direction to release a solo song. I truly thought that Harry or Liam would beat him to the punch. Looks like I was wrong though!

Personally, I think that Niall’s music is going to be great! I can picture him having a more acoustic sound like Ed Sheeran, since the two are best friends.

Rumors started swirling about this release due to a deleted tweet by Radio Disney.

Be sure to keep it here and I will be updating because one that song drops, I am going to write about it. Niall is low key my favorite member of One Direction even though I am too old to have a favorite member of One Direction.

I can picture him being bigger than Zayn with his solo album because Zayn doesn’t do shit for promotion and will never go on tour. I know his anxiety, whatever but one thing about the music industry? No one cares. You go out there you promote and you perform. Britney does it, so can you Zayn.


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