Man Crush Monday: Lin-Manuel Miranda

All summer I have been listening to one album, and I believe that a lot of other people are with me when I say that I am obsessed with the ‘Hamilton’ soundtrack. My god, it is absolute perfection and even though the show is sold out until 2018 or whatever, I will listen to it on repeat until I can see it live. In my opinion it is revolutionary, and who is behind it? This man right here, Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the entire script after reading a book about Alexander Hamilton.

Lin-Manuel stepped down as the lead in ‘Hamilton’ over the summer but I am absolutely positive that we will be seeing a lot more of him in the future.

Lin-Manuel is of course extremely handsome, but it is more than that with him. He is brilliant. That simple. Anyone who can put together an entire play, movie, musical, write an entire album, in my opinion is brilliant.

For the record, he is also really funny on Twitter which you have to appreciate and seems to always respond to fans. The best was when he put together songs from Les Mis and Jay-Z, I can see that being an interesting play!

Happy Monday and if you haven’t listened to the ‘Hamilton’ soundtrack, go and do it!

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