Sia Asks Fans About Their Income For An Incredible Reason

I am pretty sure that we don’t deserve Sia. She seems to be such a wonderful soul and, well obviously incredibly talented. Sia is something special, that’s for sure.

Might as well just show you the tweets that make me love Sia even more. This is something that I can’t picture most artists doing, because money is the motive, right?

Money isn’t everything and I think that artists can learn from Sia. Most concerts now aren’t selling out because of the crazy price of most tickets. The fees that come along with ticketmaster and Live Nation. All of that comes into play. Sia just wants her fans to be able to afford her concert tickets.

For the record I do believe that Sia has the ability to sell out arenas without lowering her price. She is just being a human right here.

Bravo Sia.

Fun fact, since this tweet came out, her album sales have tripled! Real recognizes real!

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