Rewatch Jimmy Kimmel’s Emmy 2016 Monologue

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I am going to decide something right now. Jimmy Kimmel should host everything. He is just a little bit mean but is hysterical. That is something I never understood. People have always said that Jimmy Kimmel is mean to his guests. He simply asks them questions to make them think, or be slightly uncomfortable. It is better than just sitting there and laughing like Jimmy Fallon does with all of his guests.

Last night he did great with the Emmys though! I think this was the first time I was actually entertained through out an entire show. So good job Emmys!

His opening monologue absolutely killed me too. I thought that it was perfect, and everyone was laughing or uncomfortable, the way that it should be.

So here, I have decided that all award shows will be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel or Tina and Amy, no other choices. Okay? Okay.

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