NFL Gives Antonio Brown A Hefty Fine For Twerking

ESPN- Antonio Brown had a very Antonio Brown-like answer to how much the NFL fined him for Week 1. “Nothing to a boss,” Brown told ESPN. The Pittsburgh Steelers’ star wide receiver said he got hit with two NFL fines: one for the end zone gyration he called the “Boomin’” after his second touchdown against the Washington Redskins, the other for wearing baby blue cleats, which violated uniform protocol. Brown, who was flagged 15 yards on the celebration, said the fine amounts were a “couple hundred.” A first-time unsportsmanlike conduct offense typically results in a $12,154 fine, according to the NFL’s fines and appeals chart, and “Foreign Substances on Body/Uniform” results in a $9,115 fine. Brown’s cleats were decorated with his No. 84 in white.

Hey NFL, let’s focus on the dancing while you continue to ignore domestic violence and sexual assault, along with doping, and CTE. Let’s give this guy who is just popping it a big old penalty for no reason! Sure it might be a bit overboard, but in reality all players dance after a touchdown! It is just what they do!

Antonio Brown I love your response to this too, it is probably one of the most boss answers ever.

Keep that booty popping! Or don’t because it seems like 15 yards is a big penalty when it comes to football.

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