Jason Momoa Stands Up Against The Dakota Access Pipeline

If you don’t know what is happening with the oil pipelines in North Dakota, basically it is a scheme for the rich to get even richer. Native Americans are standing up for their land and rich oil men are basically using their power to shut them up. Facebook has even been accused of censoring how badly the Natives are being treated. They are protesting while having dogs attack them, having tear gas sprayed at them, it is absolutely disgusting.

“North Dakota tribal members fear for cultural sites and their water supply, environmentalists say that building pipelines perpetuates fossil fuel emissions for decades to come at a time when human-caused climate change is warming the planet at an accelerated pace” (credit).

If you want to make your voice heard please sign the petition. It is disgusting how most people care about money more than anything.

The government needs to do better.

Many people aren’t speaking out about this outrage, so I give Jason a lot of credit. Don’t focus on what the media wants you to see. Look around you and see that the chaos about not standing for the National Anthem, is nothing compared to the true injustices in our country.

Be on the right side of history.

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