Patriots’ Hunk Danny Amendola Covers “Men’s Health” Magazine

credit: Men’s Health

I know that everyone hates the New England Patriots but let’s be real, they have the best looking team in football. One of the best looking on their team? Danny Amendola. My lawd just look at him!

Danny will be covering the October issue of  Men’s Health,  and it will hit stands on September 13th.

Good lord though, right? I can’t stop staring. He is such a babe, and he is a football player which means he is tough. He is also dating Olivia Culpo and they are absolutely adorable together. I mean, usually I get irrationally man when someone I have a crush on is dating someone else, even if it is someone I don’t know, but I will accept Danny and Olivia. I can only hope that they got off and get married and have super attractive babies. That was a lot, I know, thanks for sticking with me.

According to Danny he does work out with fellow Patriots player and hottie Julian Edelman, but one of his favorite work outs is yoga. Interesting.

Bless up!

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