Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston Have Reportedly Broken Up

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People Magazine has reported that Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have decided to part ways. Yup, we all knew that was coming. This relationship had publicity stunt all over it. I bet that Tom will put out a statement but Taylor will remain quiet. The media will slut shame Taylor, and then it will be on the next thing.

I really thought that these two would have a holiday break up, around Christmas or Thanksgiving but it looks like this couple was just in it for the summer.

Thanks for the memories Hiddleswift and may we never forget Tom wearing the TS t-shirt. Oh and we will never forgot those obviously fake beach photos, right?

This couple was barely real, let’s be real.

Let’s see if Tom gets that Bond role that he has always wanted.

Also, all you haters can joke about how she can finally make new music but her best selling single “Shake It Off” wasn’t even about heartbreak. So she can sell whatever she writes. Plus you know you sing along to her songs, just admit it.

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