Man Crush Monday: Usain Bolt

As the Olympics finally come to a close I think it is only right to make my favorite male Olympian the honorary Man Crush Monday this week. Usain Bolt is superhuman, I think that we can all agree with that. His lightening speed is something that literally makes your jaw drop, it isn’t like anything I have ever seen before, and I am pretty sure that no one else has ever seen it either.

Let’s be real, he is also a certified hottie. Yeah, he can break records and all of that stuff, but he is also extremely attractive and not just in his looks. The way that he carries himself is attractive, literally everything about him is. He is fun, he helps charities, oh and he has a bunch of gold medals.

Thank you for coming around every four years and leaving us astonished Usain. Until the next Olympics!

Happy Monday!

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