Britney Spears’ Unreleased Song From 2003 Has Been Leaked!


Hold up, where are all my real Britney fans out there? Are you with me? Okay, what if Britney (or someone on her team) is secretly leaking tracks that were supposed to be on Original Doll? That is the album we all want, right? We are all excited for Glory, don’t get me wrong but if they dropped Original Doll, I would be way more excited. If you aren’t familiar with Original Doll, check out this article.

Anyway, back to this newly released track. ‘Deja Vu’, is absolutely a hit. If this song was to come out it would’ve been a hit and went to number one. It gives me a very 80’s feel, also a very Janet Jackson inspired vibe. Right?

I wish they would just let her sing now, without so much studio work, this song shows off her vocals in a flawless manner. It is a bit rough just because it is probably a demo, but hey, she still sounds amazing. If you want to check it out, which I know you do, click here!

Also here’s a song that would have been on Doll House if Britney’s team didn’t block it. It may be one of my favorite Britney songs and it wasn’t even a released one.


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