Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC Mastermind Lou Pearlman Dead at 62

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Over the weekend Lou Pearlman was found dead in his cell at the Federal Correctional Institute in Tezarkana, Texas where he was serving a 25 year prison sentence for stealing over $300 million from different investors, and even some of his talent.

The Backstreet Boys were Lou’s first real taste of fame, and he stole millions from them. He put them together, claimed he was a sixth member and got paid like he was one of them. In case you didn’t know, that isn’t legal. You can’t be a member and also get paid as a manager, it’s the law. When the boys complained about being too tired to do certain things, after touring for nearly eight years in Europe before they made it big in America, Lou decided to form NSYNC, he literally made competition so the Backstreet Boys would continue to hustle hard and make money that he was taking at the end of the day.

So anyway, he stole a shit ton of money, he also created a ton of talent. Without Lou there is a good chance there wouldn’t have been that pop resurgence in America in the late 90’s. He not only found Backstreet Boys and NSYNC, he also found LFO, Aaron Carter, and O-Town as well.

Rolling Stone reported allegations about him molesting younger boys, some members of the bands listed, this is all allegedly though. Nothing has ever been confirmed. When his past caught up to him with his money scheme though, he went off to Bali but FBI agents found him and he was brought back to the United States to be tried.

Due to his checkered past it seems as though members of the bands have mixed emotions about his passing.

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