Drake Makes Shania Twain His #WCW On A Monday

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My WCW even though it's Monday. Shania. 🌹✅😍

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This may be my all time favorite post I have ever written, and I have written well over 1,500 on this site. I mean this just makes me smile. Shania Twain and Drake hanging out backstage, does it get any better than that? Can you imagine if Shania and Drake had a song together? That would be something incredible.

See this is why it is sometimes hard for me to take Drake seriously in his songs. Sometimes he acts hard but like, here he is just loving Shania Twain. Obviously she is beautiful and extremely talented but I wouldn’t lump these two together. Although, they are both Canadian so they do have something in common.

Drake totally listened to “Man, I Feel Like A Woman”, before he goes out to the strip club with his boys, no question in my mind.

Ugh, I can’t get over how excited Drake looks, it’s so adorable.

I hope that there is footage of Shania dancing to “Hot Line Bling”, I need that footage now!

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