NSYNC Reunites For JC Chasez 40th Birthday!

Well the pop world was absolutely devastated when NSYNC decided to take a hiatus in 2002, and well never returned from that hiatus. Obviously Justin‘s solo career took off and the rest of the boys tried their hand at different things, but the band never found their way back to each other. Sounds familiar right? I am looking at you One Direction fans.

The band went a very long time without even really talking about each other, but of course they had a small reunion back in 2013 for the MTV Video Music Awards, where they did about a 30 second performance together.

It looks like they have all found their way back to  being friends though, something beautiful if you ask me. In my opinion Justin distanced himself a lot from the band so it’s nice that he is back to hanging out with the guys.

Well last night the boys got together to celebrate JC turning the big 4-0, and Justin took a photo to celebrate.

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JC's 40th… And, if you don't know now you know…

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Now there will most likely never be a reunion tour or song but I think that a lot of NSYNC fans will take this photo and be happy.

Here are a few other pictures from the night!


Also just want to throw up my second grade gang sign right quick, #TeamBSB.

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