Man Crush Monday: Jay Hernandez

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Remember Jay Hernandez the hottie from the 2001 hit, “Crazy/Beautiful”? No, how about when he was in “Friday Night Lights”, the movie not the show, or “Hostel”? Well he is making a comeback and I am beyond excited.

Now he is of course going to be in “Suicide Squad”, his character is covered in tattoos so you can’t appreciate his beauty in it, but you can appreciate his muscles, which is always nice. He is also in “Bad Moms” though, something I didn’t expect. Sitting there in the theater, laughing along to one of the funniest movies I have seen in a while, and boom! There Jay Hernandez is playing a hot single dad. Great surprise if you ask me.

Jay has always been around, like I said before he was in a bunch of movies in the early 2000’s and then had a small role on “Nashville” for a bit, but I think he is finally going to get the love he deserves for his looks and his acting ability. It is about time right?

God bless Jay Hernandez, he hasn’t really aged since 2001. Thank the movie Gods that he is back in our lives too.

Fun fact, Jay Hernandez was my first serious celebrity crush. Well, him and Brian Littrell of course. Those two were the only two pictures I hung up in my locked in 5th grade.

Happy Monday!

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