Chris Evans & Jenny Slate Are Still Going Strong

Image Source: Splash News Online/popsugar

Well it looks like Chris Evans is still dating Jenny Slate. Although I don’t have a shot it still kind of bums me out. Chris is easily one of the hottest guys in Hollywood and actually seems like a very nice guy, so I wish I was dating him. Yes, I am jealous, okay? Is that what you wanted to hear? Fine, I am lime green jello of Jenny Slate.

The two reportedly started dating just after Jenny announced she was divorcing her husband and the two have been spotted together ever since, they even made their first official appearance as a couple!

Chris was in town to accept his award at the Teen Choice Awards where he awkwardly stumbled through his acceptance speech. Of course he knew he was going to win so I was hoping he would’ve planned a better speech! It’s okay though because he adorable.

How long do we give these two? I think it’s going to last, that is my personal opinion.


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