Man Crush Monday: Nick Lachey

It has been pretty well documented that I think Nick Lachey is one of the hottest guys of all time, it’s just the truth. There is something about him. Maybe it’s his blue eyes, maybe that dimpled smile, maybe it is hie voice, who knows! All I know is that he has it all going for him, that’s all I can say. Like a fine wine he just keeps getting better with age.

Most people are aware that Nick is currently on the road with this band 98 Degrees, along with other TRL favorites to relive the great days of nostalgia. Apparently the MY2K Tour is selling out like crazy too, so it is doing very well.

I must say, other than Justin Timberlake I would give Nick Lachey credit for being the most successful former boyband member of the 90’s, yup I said it. He had a somewhat popular solo career for a while, he also recently put out an album full of nursery songs that did well. He hosts shows, and is back on the road doing his thing. So I would say that all in all he is a babe, and he is going to continue to be around and be a babe.

Nick is also a certified DILF. That is all.

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