Fergie Drops Music Video For ‘M.I.L.F. $’

So let me be clear, I am kind of uncomfortable with this song. I kind of love it, but I am also a little uncomfortable. Mostly because I can picture suburban moms losing their shit when they hear this. Not complaining just getting buck wild and dancing their asses off while pouring milk on themselves. So thank you Fergie for that scary picture.

As for the music video, I get it. I understand why she brought some of the hottest celebrity moms out there for the video.

I am not ruling out Fergie’s new music after this one song though. There are always a few duds on an album so again, I won’t hate on the music just yet. I just hope that we get some more bops like ‘London Bridge’ and ‘Glamorous’ that’s all I want.

Fergie ferg, I will love you long time, I just can’t love this song yet.

On a somewhat related note, can we get Black Eyed Peas back? Their music was ahead of their time, I am positive that if they were to release any of their hits from back in like 2004, they would still be hits today.

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