Listen To Margot Robbie Talk About Her 24 Hour Party

So before I get into talking about Margot’s 24th birthday that lasted for 24 hours, can we talk about how beautiful she is? I mean seriously, absolutely flawless. Her accent just makes it better.

Now on to the party. Do you think you’d be able to party for 24 hours? I like to think I would be, I like to think that if I had enough alcohol in my system that I would be able to just power through but I know I would need at least a nap. A little half hour nap to get me through, it sounds like they just kept going though.

Let’s be real, there had to have been drugs involved right? I am not saying that there was, Margot I know you’re probably reading so don’t get upset. I just think I would need some sort of drug to keep me awake and going for 24 hours.

On another note, you’re aware that Margot is going to rule Hollywood within the next four years right? She is seriously an incredible actress and I am glad that she is getting recognition for her acting.

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