Iggy Azalea Takes To Twitter About Break Up With Nick Young

I actually feel really bad for Iggy, she gets so much hate. People literally go up to her and tell her that she ruined rap. Listen, rap has been ruined since Soulja Boi, so people can back up. I personally don’t even like her music much but guess what? She made her money and she still has a pretty solid fan base, so she can in fact make a come back, I believe that.

Anyway, she decided to open up on Twitter about why her and Nick broke up. There have been rumors going around that he got his ex pregnant and Iggy clearly has had enough.

You have to feel bad for her, right? Yes, she has a lot more money than us normal folk will probably ever see, but that was the man she was going to marry. He openly admitted to cheating on her and she took him back, then he continued to cheat. She looks like a fool and that’s honestly too damn bad.

All that I can say is that right now Iggy is Australia for Australia’s Got Talent, or X-Factor, one of those shows, so you go find yourself and Aussie hottie. Literally everyone from there is atractive.

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