Kylie Jenner & Tyga Are Back Together


Well it looks like America’s least favorite couple is back together. I am very surprised that Kris Jenner even allows this relationship to continue. We all know that she pulls all the strings behind the scenes of the Kardashian/Jenner family. 

Kylie and Tyga, they just aren’t a good look. They started dating when she was 16 or some shit, yes she is legal now but it is still weird. Plus he was spotted out with one of her look a likes and I am also almost positive that he is broke. I am sure that having her show up at clubs with him brings in some money, so it makes sense. 

Oh and let us not forget the fact that Rob Kardashi, who is Kylie’s older brother is having a child with Blac Chyna, Tyga’s baby momma. The weirdest love mess I have ever heard of, that’s for sure. 

Kylie, I don’t like your whole like persona but you can do better than Tyga, remember that. 

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