Apparently Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston Are Dating

Well it looks like Taylor was the first to move on from her fake relationship from Calvin Harris and that is why he went on his Twitter to be a little bit angry. According to The Sun Tom has had a crush on her since they danced together at The Met Gala, and even sent her flowers, which absolutely won Taylor over.

Tom and Taylor were snuggling and kissing at her favorite beach in Rhode Island, which again is why I am a little suspicious. I know that I thought Calvin and Taylor were fake, but I don’t know. Again, something about the timing of every. Calvin’s freak out, the way that these photos were taken, I promise you that there aren’t paparazzi in Rhode Island, that is something I am sure of.

Anyway, I guess we will see where it leads with this couple over the next few months.

If this is real.

This new bleached hair is really making Taylor quite the rebel.

If Calvin and Taylor were actually a real couple though, what if Taylor cheated. America’s sweetheart is turning all kinds of bad right now.

Well, I hate this couple, tell me what you think using the links below!

Taylor Swift and new love Tom Hiddlestone walk hand in hand along the beach and find a quiet romantic spot on the rocks

Taylor Swift and The Night Manager actor Tom Hiddleston then passionately kiss before documenting their romantic moment with selfies on their mobile phones

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston appear to recreate the special moment where they fell for each other during a dance at The Met Ball last month

When they notice people taking photos

How they react

Tom Hiddleston takes the lead as he captures a special moment of himself and new love Taylor Swift on his phone

Tom Hiddleston looks reflects on the special moment leaning his head on new girlfriend Taylor Swift's shoulder

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