Do You Like Zac Efron’s New Hair Style?

Since filming Baywatch, Efron‘s hair has become lighter and lighter, along with becoming buffer and buffer. It is clearly for the role but I haven’t seen it this light until now.

Zac was out there being a great guy, telling kids why it is important to stay in school which I commend. His hair though, it really threw me off. Is it weird that I am kind of into it? I mean in reality Zac Efron can’t do much wrong with his looks.

Now I have to say that I grew up during peak boy band era. His hair kind of reminds me of Lance Bass’ hair, which let’s be real, was pretty legendary. Do I love it? No? Do I hate it? Oddly enough no.

I can’t wait until he goes back to his normal haircut, or at least gets those roots done but at the end of the day, Efron is a forever babe.

To be honest I would get rid of the leather pants before I got rid of the frosted tips.

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