Man Crush Monday: Matt Lauria

I have been a fan of Matt Lauria for man years now, from his time on ‘Friday Night Lights‘, to his time on ‘Parenthood’. In reality, Matt has been apart of two incredible shows and well now I found out he is apart of another incredible show. If you haven’t started to watch ‘Kingdom’ I would highly recommend that you start.

You see this three day weekend for me has been watching shows I have always wanted to watch but never got around to. ‘Kingdom’ got me hooked right away too. The cast in absolutely incredible. Joining Matt is, Nick Jonas, Frank Grillo, and Johnathan Tucker, a cast that is incredibly put together.

Of course Matt is my favorite on the show which is why he was able to get the coveted spot of Man Crush Monday. We all know my love for Nick but Matt’s acting ability on the show is absolutely incredible. It also took me a little bit to realize that it was Matt, his acting and physical appearance is so much different and more intense than what I was used to seeing him play.

Even when ‘Kingdom’ ends I do believe that Matt will have a long career ahead of him. He can play the tough guy, the vulnerable one, and everything in between. Those dimples and blue eyes help too.

Happy Monday!

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