10 Reasons To Follow Ashley Parker Angel On Instagram

Everyone remembers Ashley Parker Angel, right? He was a part of the boy band O-Town and then ended up going solo and having a short lived show on MTV? Yeah, that guy.

Well fun fact is that he is an absolute babe now. I mean back in the day he definitely had a lot going for him. He had those blue eyes, the blonde hair, a jawline that wouldn’t quit. He basically took over the heartthrob role in the group, a very important role in the early 2000’s boyband era.

Well Ashley is still an absolute babe believe it or not. I was checking out his Instagram not long ago and let me just tell you one thing. He is perfection. Now he didnt join O-Town for their reunion tour and he said it was because he was trying to be a model. I had to check it out and well, modeling looks good on him.

Here are 10 reasons why you should follow this former boyband heartthrob to adult beef cake.



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Can't wait for selfie driving cars 🚘

A post shared by Ashley Parker Angel (@ashley_parker_angel) on








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Any requests?😀 #throwbackthursday #tbt

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If those don’t convince you, go and check out his Instagram ashley_parker_angel and you will thank me.

God bless boy band members that are forever sexy.

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