Shia LaBeouf Using Twitter To Hitchhike And Calling It Art

Shia LaBeouf is currently traveling the country by hitchhiking. Yup, that’s right. Shia is currently on Twitter, posting different GPS coordinates where you can go and meet up with Shia and his crew. They are willing to go anywhere in the country as well. Shia will be doing this for one full month, just to see what it out there I guess? I am curious how far he will get or if people will just kind of bring him to lame ass places. I hope he ends up in Massachusetts so I can pick him up and we can talk, or not talk. There is a part of me that is pretty sure Shia would sing along to songs on the radio and only speak to me using song lyrics, that could actually be a great time.

As many people know Shia has been putting on performance art pieces for a while now. He watched his entire movie library in three days, he also had a weird art piece where he just sat there and stared at you, no speaking or anything, just staring. So this is just another thing to add to his list of what he would call art.

According to his last tweet they are somewhere in Wyoming or Colorado, there seems to be no real structure to this. He hasn’t tweeted in about a day, so we will see what comes from this! No matter what I am excited.

Is it weird I feel like this isn’t safe? I mean I get that he is highly publicized but I still feel like something bad could potentially happen, people are crazy.

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