Watch Celine Dion’s Emotional Acceptance Speech At The 2016 Billboard Awards!

Last night Celine was honored with the icon award at the Billboard Music Awards, an award that this strong female vocalist absolutely deserves for her work. She has put out hit after hit, she opened the flood gates by having her own show in Vegas and she is kind. I have truly never heard a bad thing about Celine, I have always heard that she takes time out with fans and has never had much controversy surrounding her. Over the past year she has not only lost her brother but her longtime husband Rene.

Obviously her performance was absolutely flawless, Celine is someone who can command a stage with simply her presence. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when she finished and then something happened. Her son was invited out on stage to give her the away and then there definitely wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Celine Dion is more than just an icon she is a true legend and there aren’t many of those left. Artists who demand your attention right when they step on stage, artists that were able to navigate the business before social media which makes it easier for artists and their rise.

The show must go on Celine, and you are doing an incredible job with it.

Watch the emotional moment below.

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