This Is Why ‘Nashville’ Shouldn’t Be Cancelled

So, as many people know around this time every year, after the May sweeps shows get cancelled, new shows get picked up by different stations, and shows also get renewed. ABC cancelled a lot of shows, a lot of shows that people seemed to really enjoy too. Of course they kept their Thursday night line-up, you can’t mess with Shonda’s shows, but they got rid of beloved show, ‘Nashville’. A show that is a great drama about country music, with leading ladies Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere, along with a great supporting cast.

The music, the storylines, and the acting has always been on point. So why did ABC cancel it? According to them the amount of viewers weren’t great, and they wanted to make room for some new shows. Listen, the ratings may have dipped but it was simply because the storylines had to change due to one of the main actors putting her health over her career, which is something we should all applaud. When Hayden left for a few episodes, the rest of the cast really picked it up with their acting and singing, it wasn’t like the show fell flat.

Since the news broke of the show not being picked up for another season, social media has been absolutely insane. They have the hashtag #BringNashvilleBack trending and last night along there more than 40k tweets about wanting the show to be brought back.

There have been reports that other stations have been looking to pick up ‘Nashville’ but who knows how true that is. Although when Fox made the mistake of cancelling ‘The Mindy Project’ Hulu swooped in and saved the day, so it is possible, right? More people are starting to tune into the internet television streaming sites than cable network anyway.

The truth is that this cast is extremely talented, from their singing to their acting, they can kind of do it all. Right now they are actually on a ‘Nashville’ tour which brings ABC money, I don’t see them mentioning that at all though. Great attendance, ticket sales, all of that is great but apparently the studio doesn’t think that this show is worthy of another shot, which is a shame.

Remember when NBC cancelled ‘Friday Night Lights’ but fans sent a bunch of light bulbs to the studio to keep the lights on, so it was picked up again? Maybe we can send a bunch of guitar picks to the ABC studio or something.

There is still so much to this story that needs to be wrapped up, the fans and the characters on the show deserve the closure, especially after watching the show for four years.

Hulu, Netflix, CMT, literally anyone out there, pick up ‘Nashville’, people will watch and fans deserve a final season.

The worst part is, knowing ABC they are going to make ‘The Bachelor’ or ‘Bachelorette’ extend into Wednesday because unfortunately “reality” shows are cheaper.

Both Connie and Hayden have been nominated for Emmy’s, and I believe Golden Globes. This is a nominated show, it is just awful to see that ABC doesn’t care about substance anymore.

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33 thoughts on “This Is Why ‘Nashville’ Shouldn’t Be Cancelled”

  1. Well said. This article should make ABC reconsider cancelling Nashville. This is an awesome show. The fans deserve more. I think fans stop watching because these networks keep cancelling these great shows. Enough is enough!

  2. Please don’t cancel this! Please bring it back! I watch a lot of tv and this is by far my favorite show! I always look forward to seeing it. It has such amazing storylines, phenomenal acting, singing and music and is unique in that way. Abc, you have so many shows on that have nowhere left to go or are stupid and inane, and Nashville was just getting started. It opened up so many good storylines that just started. Please don’t do this

  3. I also think “Nashville” is an excellent program.
    it is somewhat unique because it combines a story with music, which is performed….
    The actors are excellent and compelling…
    Issues are raised which are important in our current culture, being gay, coming out, proponents of the gay movement, familial opposition to being gay, individuation of Maddie, alcoholism of Deacon and his emotional demons that haunt him and his relationship, joining the military and being bullied for even remotely having a relationship to gay support.
    Postpartum depression is also exposed….
    Please consider renewing this program….
    There are so many crime shows that remain on the air, especially the one that feature Jayne Mansfield’s daughter…(I don’t know the name of this show) and have nothing against it, but wonder how this show has such longevity when it is one of many and the unique “Nashville” is sudddenly canceled….
    Please explain, if you continue to stand by your decision to keep “Nashville” off the air.
    Thank you.

  4. It’s the only show I watch! I hate reality shows. Keep Nashville! Please. I guess I’ll have to sell my televisions. Nothing else is worth watching

  5. Please Please!!!! Keep Nashville, such a great show. I also hate it when t.v.stations take off great shows. And keep the dumb comedys on.

  6. Please don’t cancel my favorite TV Show NASHVILLE!!!! Bring it Back Some network please pick up my show!!!!!!

  7. You are making a big mistake Nashville is one of my shows I look forward to to every week ! Such a great cast we are totally involved with these characters . I hope another station picks it up !

  8. this is my favorite show,I watch it wen I can and if I work I tape it on my Dvr I am truly sad and I hope someone will bring it back ,shame on the ones doing this.We don’t need any more reality shows

  9. This a ” GREAT SHOW ” trying to understand why ABC would do this
    Just makes me shake my head , sad😢😢
    Please Please Please reconsider , this is one show I whole heartly look forward to seeing and hearing 😢😢

  10. Please don’t cancel this show. It’s the one show I look forward to watching every week. The entire cast has such talent and it just sad to see it all being let go. #bringbacknashville

  11. Bring it back! Nashville is a great show, there isn’t another one of its kind out there. Please reconsider and bring it back!

  12. Bring back Nashville ABC! It’s too good of a show, there’s nothing like it around and one of the only shows I watch live and not on demand! Bring it back! Or someone smarter please pick it up fast.

  13. Please don’t cancel Nashville this is the best show on TV take another show off but not this one.

  14. Please save Nashville it’s such a great show and hits some really good topics that make it so much easier for parents to talk to their kids. Shows like Nashville could save so many lives and make an impact on today’s society! ABC should be a shamed of themselves cancelling a show that yes is about the music and the drama
    But more importantly teaches importance of family and real life issues we all can learn from. #bringbacknashville

  15. Nashville should not be cancelled !!!!!
    It’s clean and extreamly entertaining.
    With lots of emotions, and amazing music.
    Fantastic acting by all in the show.

    PLEASE do not cancel this amazing show that I look forward to every week.

    It’s hard to find a pleasant emotional and entertaining TV show these days. They are just far and few. And when you finally have one, there is no logic in cancelling it 😦

    Please reconsider

  16. I absolutely love this show!! The good shows get canceled and the crap lives on. I hated all of the Wednesday nite shows but this one! I loved the music so much I bought the cd. Shame shame.

  17. Please bring back Nashville. It is the one program I love to watch. The singing and singers are great.

  18. I seriously need Nashville in my life… It’s just an addicting show. Its ridiculous that stupid shows aren’t being canceled but the good ones are.

  19. Please bring it back !! This was not wrapped up the way it deserved to be !! Such great music on this show. It can go so so much further !!

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