Blake Lively Quotes ‘Baby Got Back’ And Twitter Goes Insane


So right now Twitter is losing their minds because Blake Lively had the audacity to quote a Sir Mix-A-Lot song. How fuck dare she? How dare she write a song lyric!

I have had enough of everybody getting offended over every little thing. Like come on people it is fucking Sir Mix-A-Lot we are talking about! Listen, I am sure that Blake Lively isn’t trying to insult black culture in any way.

You know what is interesting? Both Khloe Kardashian and Katy Perry posted a photo with the same caption and didn’t receive any backlash what so ever. So is she getting backlash because she is blonde rather than brunette? See you can literally turn this into any kind of fight that you want it to be.

‘Baby Got Back’ is a classic that is loved by all races, genders, and walks of life. When it comes on you have to sing and dance to it, that simple.

Isn’t music supposed to bring us all together? It knows no bounds or some shit?

I guess the moral of the story is, it’s totally okay to dance and sing around but don’t you dare put that shit up on social media.

At the end of the day when I look at this I see a pregnant woman who is proud of her body. That is what I see.

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