Britney Spears Oops…I Did It Again Album Turns 16 Today!

Happy sweet 16 to an album that made it clear that Britney Spears had longevity and she wasn’t just a joke of a pop star. This is the album that made her a certified hit maker and a game changer really.

Not only did the obvious smash ‘Oops, I did It Again’ come from this album but a plethora of other this came from it as well. ‘Stronger’, ‘Don’t Go Knock My Doors’, ‘Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know’ , and ‘Lucky’ all came from this one album.

In case you were wondering it sold over 22 million copies world wide, remember this was before internet downloads, so every single one of those copies were hard copies, how crazy is that?

Britney you are still an icon, a legend, and I can’t wait to tell my kids I grew up living in a time where you rules the world. I can’t wait for the new music and thank you for this legendary album.

Now let’s take it back to when the entertainment world realized that Britney had officially made it, although ‘Stronger’ is my favorite song, I know this one was her moment.

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