Selena Gomez Surprises Fans With Meet & Greets At Every ‘Rival’ Tour Stop

Now I know that I was a bit harsh on Selena yesterday since she was caught snuggling with Olrando Bloom who is definitely dating Katy Perry. That is just something that shouldn’t be done for both parties. Of course I am not one to just blame the girl, Orlando is an absolute dog for what he did.

Anyway! Let me say that I do have to respect Selena for how much she does for her fans. Especially since Bieber is now refusing to even take photos with fans. It’s nice that some young stars do actually still care about their fans.

Selena of course does meet and greets before the show, like most singers do. Fans pay to meet them, they take photos, usually have a mini sound check, that type of thing, sometimes a question and answer. Just a real close experience with the singer, something the fan wont forget.

Not only is Selena doing that though, she is having her crew go through the nosebleeds to pick out 40 people who can’t afford VIP experiences and then she meets with those 40 people after the show. So after she performs her heart out she meets even more fans, that’s not all though! After the meet and greet, the show, the post show meet and greet, she then meets with fans that hang around her tour bus.

That is how it is done, that is how fans should be treated. Glad to see that even though you dated Bieber forever, you aren’t a total asshole to fans like he is.

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