Man Crush Monday: Justin Timberlake

Justin has finally blessed us with new music so I am going to bless him as being the coveted Willi Killiams Man Crush Monday of the week! I think that he deserves it. He did just put out the song of the year, and it is actually for a troll movie, not even his own solo work, so he is just out of control with talent.

Now being a Backstreet Boys fan my whole life it took me a while to admit the talent that Justin Timberlake has. He is a great performer, incredible singer, and an alright actor. I can’t say that I love his movies but he is always great on SNL, which is really all that matters.

Every generation has an Icon from it, I truly believe that ours is Justin Timberlake. The guy can sing, dance, act, and write his own music. The talent that Justin has puts other performers (and other Justins) to shame and he always does it while being so humble.

I believe that we will be seeing Justin just continue to evolve and put out incredible music as the years go on. I can’t wait to tell my grandchildren I grew up in a time where JT was on the top of his game.

Let’s be real though, he isn’t bad to look at either though, right? Those blue eyes that I could get lost in for days and that smile? Yeah, those help.

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