Britney Spears Will Be Honored At The 2016 Billboard Music Awards

All that I can say is good, thank God that Britney is getting recognized for all that she has done for music. Well maybe not exactly music but for the industry. She was able to become such a young sensation, in reality she was one of the first of her kind. Unfortunately she was over sexualized at like 16, but she lead the wave of new pop stars, and people are still following her lead today.

Britney is going to be honored with the Millennium honor and perform a melody of her hits. Previous winners of this award have been Whitney Houston and Beyonce, so Britney is following in some seriously big footsteps but she will be fine. Lately she has been looking better than ever and performing better than ever.

To be honest, I am not the biggest fan of this award show but now I have no choice but to watch it, how can I not watch Britney not on perform and most likely do a speech. There is nothing better than a Britney speech, I promise.

So congrats to Britney on the award and I can’t wait to see you perform.

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