Calvin Harris & Rihanna Are Releasing New Single ‘This Is What You Came For’ Friday April 29th!

So let me put down the smart things that Calvin Harris has done with his careers.

#1- Fake dating Taylor Swift. I know everyone is going to yell at me and tell me that they are the real deal, I still don’t believe it. No matter what anyone says I will never believe this relationship is more than a publicity stunt. I love Taylor but I really just feel like this is all an act. How did she go from never speaking about a relationship to not only talking about it, but having her friends talk about it as well? Hm, right? Posting personal pictures from their vacation? Again, that doesn’t sound right to me. Plus she blasted this out on Instagram so all of her fans will buy the song, plus Rihanna will probably slay this song an it will be a hit.

#2- Worked with Rihanna. Without Rihanna, Calvin Harris wouldn’t be on the level he is at. Yes he had great smashes with Ellie Goulding and a song on his own, but in reality, Rihanna is where it all started for him.

#3- Got hot. Yup he used to be ugly so it’s a good thing that he had a complete transformation because we are all shallow people.

That’s about it, he stopped getting into Twitter fights and people seem to forget that he didn’t allow Rita Ora to perform a song that they put together when they were dating which could have put her on another level of fame, but hey, that’s okay.

Anyway, this song is probably going to be incredible.

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