Kelly Ripa Returns To ‘Live’ And Gives Heartfelt Speech

So many things have been said in the news over the past few days about Kelly Ripa and truly it isn’t fair. Kelly Ripa stood up for what she believed was right, she was blindsided and obviously upset. Most people don’t realize that she has worked with ABC for over 20 years and she had a feeling that they were trying to push her out, so she pushed back. God forbid a woman stands up for what she believes is right and pushes back for once. This doesn’t make her a “bitch” or a “diva” it makes her human. It also makes her smart, she refused to come back until ABC promised that ‘Live’ was still important to the network.

People can say whatever but she handled this well. She had an already planned vacation for her family and instead of making any jabs, she laid it all out on the table during her little speech.

I have been watching Kelly on ‘Live’ since I was 9 years old, I also have the television taste of a 60 year old retired woman, but that’s not the point. Kelly Ripa has always been on point, she is funny, and she does her job well. Remember how she handled the Clay Aiken mess? She came out on top on that one.

So to sit behind a screen and call this hard working woman a bitch, or telling her to put on her big girl pants, you sit down. She worked hard to be where she is at and she has worked hard to keep ‘Live’ one of the best rated morning shows.

Shame on all of you. Yes, she gets paid to talk on television but she is human. She is also business savvy and wasn’t about to be bumped from the 9 am spot that she has worked to keep after Regis left.

I applaud Kelly Ripa at not making this messy, at taking a few days off to collect her thoughts, then coming back and openly congratulating Michael on air.

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