Justin Bieber Angers Prince Fans With Shady Comment About His Death

So let’s be real, this whole Justin Bieber being a good guy thing, it couldn’t last forever. Justin Bieber is a douchebag, that simple. That is why he cancelled his meet and greets, that is why he well, does whatever he wants. That whole apology tour helped him get his career back on track but it can’t last forever. Sure people say that his new music is catchy but I am going to assume after this album he is going to take a long break, I see a Britney 2007 spiral for him in the short term, except he won’t come out of it like Brit did.

As most of you know the iconic Prince passed away yesterday and many people posted tributes about the singer, praising him in a way that he truly deserved.

So this radio dj, I think he is a radio dj, Andrew Watt posted a great tribute about Prince, about how he is one of the last great living performers, you know, basically what a lot of other people said, because it is true.

Alright well you see that third comment? “Well, not the last greatest living performer”, you’re right Bieber but hey, let’s think about who is left. Madonna is left, easily one of the best performers out there, Cher is still around. Sorry, you are not on their level. They are icons, you are a cookie cutter sensation who was lucky enough to be able to sing at at age 12 and have a following that would be okay with you joining ISIS.

If you’re seriously taking offense to the fact someone said that Prince was one of the last greatest performers, it’s time for you to take a step back and look at yourself. You lip-sync more than actually sing, that is not a great performer.

Since this was posted it has already been taken down but thanks to a screenshot from @musicnews_shade Bieber’s douchebag comment will live on forever.

My advice, grow up and sow some respect to the artists who have paved the way.

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