Fifth Harmony Hang With Britney Spears Backstage At Her Vegas Show

First let me start off by saying, holy shit, look at Britney’s body. Obviously her hair and make up is a mess because she just put on an incredible performance, so let’s not even talk about that. I mean good lord she is looking as good as she used to look!

Second, Camila Cabello couldn’t make it to the show because she is busy being Taylor Swift‘s pet. I didn’t make that up I read it somewhere on Twitter and laughed harder than I should have.

My final thought, do you think Britney even remembers who Fifth Harmony is and why they are visiting her? I genuinely don’t think she is too sure. She probably thinks that they look familiar but can’t place them exactly.

Anyway, it’s nice to see a legend spending time with the little people. Totally kidding, love Fifth Harmony, but not kidding about B.Spears being a legend.

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