‘Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates’ Red Band Trailer Has Been Released!

Red Band trailers are the best!

So I have been pretty on the fence about this movie. I mean I would totally marry Mike and Dave so that would be really awesome, something I can think about while I watch the movie. The first trailer, I wasn’t a huge fan of and I have said that I needed to see more footage of the movie. That is what I need and here we are, we finally have it.

I laughed a few times during it, which is really all I need for me to decide that I am going to see it, that simple.

Although I do feel like I watched the entire movie in the trailer I will still watch it. I also feel like I know exactly what is going to happen and they will all fall in love at the end, I will still watch it.

There you have it, put Adam, Zac, Anna, and Aubrey in a movie and you can have my $11.

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