Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen Post Their First Public Selfie

I can’t lie, I kind of hate that this has become news but I have to write about it. I mean the Olsen twins are so interesting. I mean they went from being child super stars to running a billion dollar fashion empire. I just don’t understand it! These two also seem to really hate the spotlight now that they are older. Can’t really blame them considering they had been in front of a camera since they were like six months old.

To be honest I feel like Ashley and Mary Kate, no that feels weird, let me make it right. Mary Kate and Ashley. To be honest, they make me kind of nervous, I feel like they speak in riddles or maybe in a different language only they can understand.

Time to shut down Instagram though, the Olsen twins, the most important siblings in America have posted their first selfie. That is all.

Also this is a total guess but I am going to say Ashley is on the left and Mary Kate is on the right.

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