Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Are Expecting Baby Number 2!

Something to tell us? Blake Lively herself in tight neoprene on a beach in Malibu, California, on Tuesday looking like she had something to hide

It all started with this photo and it turns out that she was in fact hiding a little baby bump under that towel! Blake and Ryan are expecting baby number two sources have confirmed. Knowing this couple they won’t even confirm it until Blake is about eight months pregnant but hey, that’s how they want to live their lives, whatever. I am still going to report that Blake is preggo!

Just another child for one of the most beautiful couples in the history of couples. Can you really blame either one of them for not being able to keep their hands to themselves? I know that I can’t blame them.

Let’s just be real, this baby is going to be beyond genetically gifted, can’t deny that.

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