Ian Somerhalder Confirms When ‘Vampire Diaries’ Will End

So it looks like we will get one more season of ‘Vampire Diaries‘ before it goes bye, bye forever. Truthfully the show has slipped a lot but hey, that’s what happens when shows go on for too long. ‘One Tree Hill‘ is the perfect example of that.

A few months ago there were rumors that Ian Somerhalder wasn’t going to come back for another season of ‘Vampire Diaries’ but it looks like he will do one more season along with the rest of the cast to give the show a proper send off!

I am glad they are giving this show one last season even though I haven’t even really kept up with it this season. The sad thing is that I think we all knew this was coming. No show goes from a hot Thursday night spot to a Friday night, where most shows go to die.

Honestly, I will miss Candice Accola, she is by far one of my favorite TV actresses that I have ever watched!

Real question though, will Elena come back?

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