Adele Announces She Will Be Taking A Break For A Few Years

Apparently last night with tears in her eyes, Adele announced to her crowd that she would be taking a break for a few years after her tour is over. Now there is a part of me that wants to say that I understand. I am sure that being the most important female vocalist of the 2000’s is a lot of pressure, I can only imagine! Then there is a part of me that s kind of like, didn’t you just take a break? I am sorry, didn’t you just not sing for like three years?

Listen, I hate to be selfish but please don’t do this to us Adele, you just made a massive comeback now you want to leave again? Obviously whenever she decides to come back there will be a massive welcoming to her, but please Adele, don’t do this to us.

I understand you want to spend time with your son and husband but they can go on tour with you! I just solved your problem! They go with you, we still get to listen to new music, it all works out!

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