Pink Will Be Releasing New Music In Two Weeks!

If you were to ask my opinion, I would have to say that Pink is in my top five favorite female vocalists of all time. Her range is absolutely insane and most of her songs are heartfelt and bring out serious emotion. Of course she has her fun songs but for the most part her songs are full of emotions ranging from happy to anger to sadness.

I genuinely believe that the music industry didn’t expect for Pink to stick around. She came out with a very different sound in a time where Christina and Britney were on top, it was all bubblegum pop songs, there was no room for a punk rock singer with Pink hair, but she made room for herself.

According to reports she worked with mega-producer Max Martin on this song and it will be titled ‘Just Like Fire’, which sounds like it will be a massive hit.

Glad Pink is coming back to music it’s been too long!

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