Man Crush Monday: Jeffery Dean Morgan

I personally feel like Jeffery Dean Morgan is a great actor who has flown under the radar fora while now. Fan bases know him from shows like ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ but unless you are a fan of those shows, there is a good chance that he looks familiar but you can’t place him. He has also been in ‘Watchmen’, ‘Losers’, and ‘PS I Love You’ but again there is a good chance that he has never really stuck.

Last night though he made a big appearance on ‘The Walking Dead’ and recently starred in the ‘Batman vs Superman’ movie which some people love, some people hate.

I am personally just glad that he is starting to get more recognition as an actor. He is a great television actor but I do think he has a lot more potential than he has been given. It probably doesn’t help that he looks exactly like Javier Bardem either, having a doppelganger in Hollywood is usually not a good thing.

Happy Monday though, I hope that this salt and pepper hottie helps start up your week!

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