Justin Bieber Cancels Tour Meet And Greets

So before I go into this insane rant that I am about to go on, here is what Bieber had to say about canceling the rest of his meet and greets on the Purpose tour.

“The pressure of meeting people’s expectation”, so your job? It is your job to make people happy, sorry that is what an entertainer does.

What the fuck? Is Justin Bieber for real with this? According to TMZ, his people said that people have grabbed at his clothing, his hair, all of that stuff during meet and greets on this past tour. Also a fan snuck backstage and almost got to meet him but didn’t get the chance. I get it, that stuff is probably no fun.

Know what else isn’t fun? These parents who spent $2000  so their child could meet you. The parents who worked extra hours, just so they could surprise their kids with meet and greet passes to meet you. That isn’t cool.

Truthfully I thought that there would be more outrage from people but everyone is just saying that his mental health is most important. When truthfully I don’t think that depressed means what Justin thinks that it means. Depression is a real disease that people have to deal with, don’t make light of it. Please, I have gone to meet and greets, I wouldn’t call them draining at all. Usually an artist sings three songs maybe more, does a short question and answer, then takes pictures with fans. That is usually how they go.

In other words, cry be a fucking river Justin. You are having fans pay an insane amount of money to met you just to take it away from them. That is one of the most selfish things I have ever heard an artist do. I mean Avril didn’t even want to stand near her fans but she still took time to take pictures with them. Then there are artists like Rihanna and Taylor Swift that take an incredible amount of time with each of their fans that meet with them before a show. Some artists don’t even offer meet and greets, again which is fine. At least they don’t take them away from fans who have shelled out an insane amount of money on it.

There is so far no word on refunds because the VIP experience came with the seats that were purchased.

The truth is that people need to stop giving Justin Bieber so much pity. Yes, he became famous at a young age and I am sure that is tough. I mean a lot of young celebrities have kind of lost their mind due to that. Clearly that is stressful but this act? This is a selfish act that he is taking away from his fans. How hard is it to smile for a picture and ask how someone is?

Grow up Bieber. Also Bieber fans, he doesn’t like meeting you guys, he just came out and said it, you need to move on too.

I genuinely feel like Bieber could join ISIS and his fans would claim he is simply misunderstood.

Thank got the King Justin is coming out with new music, hopefully soon, so this Justin can continue on his downward spiral. There is only so much that a public PR apology tour and good producers can fix.

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