Thoughts & Prayers For Brussels & Turkey

My thoughts and prayers are with Brussels and Turkey, two countries that have been struck by terrorist attacks over the past few days. Sitting here I am wondering if that is enough. Can me saying that I am thinking of their loved ones, is that truly enough? Sure I can change my Facebook picture to their flag, that can show support but it won’t take back all that they have lost. The anger, grief, and sadness that has consumed them, knowing that I am sorry doesn’t make it better, at least I am not sure if it does.

The world is becoming a rather scary place, that is something I think that we can all agree on. The violence isn’t anything new, the world has been at war since the start of time but so many innocent people are dying. For what? For no reason but a group of hateful people want to spread their message? They believe that killing these innocent people will make people receive their message better? We hear you loud and clear, guess what? This doesn’t make anyone respect you.

Placing fear in the heart of the world, that is something that can happen but no forever. Whenever tragedy strikes there are always stories that lift us up. People band together, people help each other. If anything these strikes of hate only help us remember to love one another because tomorrow isn’t promised.

Although I don’t think that giving my thoughts and prayers are enough, I am sending them to Brussels and Turkey. May the world soon find peace and may people stop feeding into hate.


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